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UAV Pilot Training

The Robodrone Drone Pilot Training Program is a comprehensive training course designed to equip aspiring drone pilots with the skills and knowledge required for excellence in unmanned aerial operations. This program is structured to accommodate both beginners and corporate teams, ensuring a thorough grounding in both theory and practice.

Total Duration: 5 days, 40 hours.
Theoretical Training: 12 hours.
Practical Training: 28 hours.

Theoretical Training (12 hours): This segment lays the foundational knowledge essential for all drone pilots. It covers an introduction to basic aviation principles, understanding the legislation surrounding unmanned systems, and core topics such as aerodynamics, meteorology, airspace management, airport operations, air traffic services, and aviation law.

Practical Training (28 hours): Divided into distinct phases, the practical training begins with an 8-hour module on a PC simulator to develop remote control skills. This is followed by a 4-hour session focused on pre-flight preparation, aircraft readiness, and maintenance routines. The final 16-hour phase involves hands-on training with various unmanned systems, emphasizing operational techniques and real-world flight training in diverse environments.

Our Approach

Simulation Before Practical: The program introduces simulated flight experience before practical sessions. This approach enhances learning by providing context to the theoretical and practical knowledge, making the training more engaging and effective.

CAA Compliant: The curriculum comprehensively covers all Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for both theoretical and practical examinations.

Personalized Flight Training: Participants receive individualized coaching from experienced drone pilots, tailored to their skill level. This includes a range of flight challenges and assessments, designed to prepare them thoroughly for flight tests and the PfCO application process.

Advanced Training Options: For those looking to delve deeper, Robodrone offers specialized training for various UAS applications and deployments. This includes a focus on regulations, operational safety, proficiency, aircraft maintenance, and airspace management.

Commitment to Excellence: At Robodrone, we understand the critical importance of comprehensive training in the rapidly evolving field of drone technology. Our aim is to ensure each participant emerges not just as a pilot capable of handling a drone, but as a well-rounded individual equipped with a deep understanding of all aspects of drone operations. Our instructors, known for their expertise and a 100% success rate in preparing pilots for CAA exams, are committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience.

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