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SuperHornet UAV

With its low profile of just 5 cm, folding arms and propellers, crafted from lightweight alloys and durable carbon composite materials, this drone is both portable and robust.

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14 km (8.6 mile) range

SuperHornet's arms span over 80cm (31inch), accommodating 38cm (15inch) propellers for long endurance and high loading capacity.



Automatic or piloted flights with GPS or inertial navigation system. Minimum operation requirements while on the move.

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4 kg (8.8 lb) MTOM

The bottom plate is ready for incorporating a quick payload release system with an option of remotely controlled payload release.

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No proprietary software or protocols. You are in control through open-source SW for mission planning and payload integration.


-10° to +40° C (14° to 104° F)

Light-alloy motor holders and fuselage side grilles reduce weight and optimize cooling air flow for peak performance.

GDS Mini_0_edited.png

6 hours of operation

Optional rugged ground station for mission planning, encryped video and data streaming. Multiple drone control. Variabile radio connectivity. 

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