Robodrone UAS pilots training

We offer to our customers a training of the aviation personnel. The basic pilots' training consists of the theoretical and practical preparation for the CAA examination (our trainees show 100 % success rate). The training length is 48 hours. Details are here.

The CAA authorization

Thanks to our wide experience we can support you in preparing the Operations Manual as well as in all what it takes for receiving the CAA authorizations. We also provide legal consultancy (e.g. filing a request for a regulation exemption). Details are here.

The training of other UAS pilots

Based on our expertise and experience we offer a training of pilots without being specialized in a particular UAV. The course includes all the aspects of the theoretical training and an abbreviated practical preparation for the CAA examination. Details are here.

Aerial work and data processing

Be it a TV station which asks us to capture aerial views or a branch-specific organization enquiring photogrammetry or thermovision imaging, our drones and our personnel are at disposal. We will arrange all from preparation up to the output delivery. Details are here.

Additional trainings and courses

Our own pilots undergo a series of expert (software) training and once per year an intensive weekly workshop to improve their piloting skills. It can be arranged that our customers take also these expert trainings and refresher trainings. Details are here.

Service, repairs, custom-tailored development

We offer authorized service and post-warranty repairs to the operators of our unmanned systems. Within our accessories offer we provide its service and even the custom-tailored production and modifications of selected products also for other UAS. Details are here.

Drone Events

All the time we have been questioned if we can arrange for a flight demonstration or an entertaining training for instance at a company team building. We obliged e.g. the O2 company and created an offer of programs which can liven up an event for employees or partners. Details are here.

Promotion and education

For the unmanned aviation industry growth the general public awareness is essential, especially the technical education of the youth. Therefore we organize the Drone Race competitions and expert meetings of the Unmanned Aviation Industry Alliance. Details are here.