GINA Software s.r.o. company develops a mapping system for computers, tablets and mobile devices, thus streamlining the coordination between teams and data sharing. It is being used by safety organizations (such as the Czech Fire Rescue Service – reducing the response time in 30 % of the responses), humanitarian organizations (UNO – it was the only reliable system on Haiti) and others. The Robodrone UAVs are fully GINA compatible.

GRS Galaxy - Galaxy Holding s.r.o. company is the biggest European manufacturer of ballistic parachute rescue systems for microlight or light sport aircraft and recently also for UAV. Mr. Milan Bábovka is the company founder, designer, author/co-author of a series of world patents, instructor, pilot, inspector and he can claim credit for almost 200 rescued crews worldwide. The rescue system slows down significantly a fall from a height of as few as 6 m and therefore it is the integral part of Robodrone machines.

JETI model s.r.o. company was established in 1993 and it concentrates on the aeromodelling electronics manufacturing, using modern equipment for fitting the SMD components. Robodrone uses heavy-duty DS-16 transmitters which rely fully on the 2,4 GHz Duplex system and which were developed by professional pilots and world champions. They are compatible with our „pilot's logbook" application which – when the DS-16 is connected to a computer – creates the flight log required by the CAA and performs the machine diagnostics.


KELCOM International s.r.o. company has been active in the Czech Republic since 1991 in the property and persons protection domain; it is the authorized distributor of the Canadian DSC Digital Security Controls systems, German Basler camera systems or the Videx house communication systems. It operates a Robodrone Kingfisher in cooperation with the CHMI to measure the atmosphere quality.


VÍTKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s. The VÍTKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s. company acts as the systems integrator focused on own solutions delivery for large and medium companies and for the public sector. It provides optical networks, metallic cablings, data lines, mail systems, video-conferences and industry IT systems. It develops systems based on artificial intelligence.

RCE SYSTEMS s.r.o. company is oriented in robotics, computer vision and embedded systems. It provides professional services in software and hardware development and in research. Thanks to the cooperation with experts from the academia and commerce it offers experience in complex mechatronic systems analytics, design and realization. It helps their clients to develop, implement and improve new or non-traditional approaches in the industry automation.

DESTRUX s.r.o. company provides complex services specialized in all types of ​​explosives and pyrotechnics – from research and development, training, blasting works and explosive ordnance disposal at home and abroad to training explosives detecting dogs, and including forensic expertise or security audits.

EICERO s.r.o. company offers a complex service for photovoltaic power stations, especially the thermodiagnostics and specialized PID diagnostics to discover the potential difference induced silicon degradation. In 2015 EICERO delivered a revenue increase of more than 10 million CZK to the photovoltaic power station owners.