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Robodrone Kingfisher

...Kingfisher at-a-glance... 

Superior in all variants

The new 2016 Kingfisher is setting standards in the world of drones. It confirmed its leading position as the „endurance workhorse" during the world´s first Drone Marathon in Berlin. The only fully enclosed carbon fibre fuselage in the European premium drone segment boasts fuselage spaciousness, impressive design and dynamic. Whether put to everyday professional use or in racing – the Kingfisher meets all requirements effortlessly and comfortably.

More power, more dynamism and more payload equipment are offered by the Kingfisher. Your endurance, payload or connectivity requirements determine the optimal configuration. No matter which industry are you in, Robodrone may carry a payload of upto 5kg.

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Robodrone Kingfisher


Impressive flexibility

A dynamic design clearly underscores the impressive performance expectations of the Kingfisher. On the exterior the focus has been placed on the RQR payload quick release system, while the nacelles have been modernised primarily in the area of the motor fittings. The dimensions of the Kingfisher form the best possible basis for providing its variable payload with a generous amount of space.

Configuration options come with individualised paint finishes and a comprehensive range of payload. As an exmample, Kingfisher owners carry varius camera types, including multispectrals, radiation sensors, gas detectors, lasers, avalanche signal detectors, or megaphones.


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Weather resistance

The carbon-fibre fuselage underscores the first-class standards of the Kingfisher. With its diverse adjustment options, the PCB holders enables a high degree of flexibility in the interior, including customizable position for optimum use of the inner compartment. The covered volume clearly surpasses the amount of space offered by the drone´s competitors.

All parts and communication systems are enclosed in the fuselage, motors are waterproof. Robodrone customers fly in strong winds, rain and snowy conditions.




Ease of use and maintenance      

While Robodrones perform most of the flight operations on its own, we offer pilot courses both for beginners and advanced pilots. Within 6 days we´ll make sure you are ready for the CAA exam.

To ensure your satisfaction and the optimal value retention of your drone, the optional equipment includes a basic maintenance kit . For a small charge, a Robodrone contract will free you from additional costs for maintenance and repairs.


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All-round safety

The equipment level in the area of active safety underscores Robodrone Kingfisher's high standards when it comes to taking the strain off the pilot. Pilot assistance systems fitted as standard include Automatic Parchute release, Parachute panic or Return to Home control, for example. Other systems available as standard also include speed limiter or voice alarms.

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...Technical Details...


Dimensions, weight and flight endurance

Robodrone Kingfisher


Endurance / weight dependency


















Efficient performance

All of the motors and Electronic Speed Control unites used provide better performance, with reduced power consumption values in some cases. The powerful motors combined with custom developed DRONE.ENERGY Li-Ion batteries provide an outstanding performance and made Robodrone Kingfisher the winning coper in the first ever Drone Marathon in Berlin, Germany.

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Robodrone Kingfisher

State-of-the-art connectivity *

State-of-the-art connectivity are provided by the latest generation of on-board wi-fi and LTE modules, and the ground control station. A package of free standard online services including a 10GB video storage and on-line FPV (first-person-view) FullHD video streaming over the internet is available for the Kingfisher as part of the Robodrone service. Standard services include automatic flight logging, accident location and after-sales maintenance service. The Remote online services allow access to drone information from anywhere at all times, including diagnostic data.

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*available in early 2017




...Optional Equipment...


Ground station Robodrone GDS Mini and GDS Standard

The ground station is integrated in the rugged case* which contains a PC, transmission modules, antennas, joystick, independent power supply and the sofware needed to access and process the flight and sensor data.
*The rugged case is water proof when closed and rain/snow resistant when opened.


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JETI DS-16 Radio control

Radio control unit manufactured by JETI MODEL is world-class radio, co-designed by professional pilots. Simple to use, high reliability of mechanical parts and metallic casing for maximal protection.

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 GRS Galaxy parachutes

Robodrone Kingfisher may optionally be equipped with GBS10 parachute manufactured by the leading ultralight aircraft parachute manufacturer GRS Galaxy. In case of technical failure or pilot´s error, the damage of drone and payload is minimized or entirely eliminated.

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...Original Accessories...


Robodrone provides a broad range of accessories. We develep custom designed payload and integrate 3rd party equipment. With Robodrone original accessories you receive reliability, operation training and service. You will enjoy the payload quick release system that changes the operation functionality of Robodrone Kingfisher in seconds.


Robodrone Kingfisher


Robodrone Universal Gimbal RUG-II and Twin Gimbal TW-II

Manufactured from light alloys and carbon fibre composite. The system allows for simultaneous transfer of images from the FullHD IP camera with 30x optical zoom and thermal camera FLIR TAU2 640x480.

  • Technical specs of RUG-II here
  • Technical specs of TW-II here


Robodrone Kingfisher


The Universal Gimbal may carry literally any camera. As a user and flight services provider we recommend SONY cameras.

The Universal Gibmal may be fitted with a combined day- and thermal camera Workswell WIRIS.

For Tetracam multispectral cameras we supply modified RUG-II gimabals.

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Special payload

We design and develop specialized payload including megaphone holders or remotely released containers. We integrate sensors and other paylod provided by end user.

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Robodrone Kingfisher                       

Batteries, chargers and power supply

Robodrone Kingfisher is powered by either Li-Pol or Li-Ion batteries. For best flight performance we recommend Li-Ion batteries by, which feature higher capacity, safety, simple maintenance and storage in a "ready-to-fly" state. We supply combined power supply and chargers.

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Robodrone Kingfisher is delivered in a rugged case suitable for international shipping  The casing contains spareparts and a toolbox. Radiocontrol units and groundstations are supplied in separate rugged cases

Batteries are optionally supplied in an insulated case or in a heated case for usage in hars winter conditions.

Robodrone Kingfisher

Base spare parts

Robodrone Kinfisher is supplierd with spare motors, propellers, landing gear and tools for quick fixes and uninterruped flight operatiosn. 




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