Mountain Rescue Service

The Kingfisher has been flying over the Giant Mountains since autumn 2015. It is equipped to search for persons buried under an avalanche or for lost tourists. Details are here.


Search and Rescue

The Kingfisher, but especially the Sparrow are ideal searchers if equipped with a thermocamera. They can carry a rescue package too. Details are here.

National Radiation Protection Institute

It is quick and safe to carry the detector on a Kingfisher drone to a radiation source. Details are here.

Security and Patrolling

The Sparrow was made for premises monitoring. Equipped with a camera and thermocamera it can patrol for one hour. Details are here

National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection

Kingfisher's sensors discover the contamination. Details are here.

Geodetic mapping

Primarily the Kingfisher offers the lifting capacity (up to 3 kg), stability and precision for high definition cameras, which can map the Earth's surface details. Details are here.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Their Kingfisher collects data on soil and crops using a Tetracam multispectral camera. Details here.

Line construction and pipeline inspections

A round is lengthy, a helicopter flight expensive. The drone work is safe, quick and cheap. Details are here.

Crop Research Institute

The Kingfisher is testing precision agriculture ways. Details are here.

High-rise construction inspections

We have flown in Liblice, Pocerady and above the Prague Zizkov tower. Get a Kingfisher ready too. Details.

Kelcom and the CHMI

Kelcom in cooperation with CHMI uses a Kingfisher to monitor the air in different altitudes. By chimney plume analysis it knows what is being burned in boilers. Details are here.

Precision agriculture

The eco-future: drones report the soil and crops status and detect possible pests. The Strix II can perform targeted spraying and monitoring in parallel. Details are here.