We are producing 3-axis stabilized gimbals. Either universal for attachment of any optical device or closed for the pair of a camera and a thermal camera. We can develop also a gimbal for a specific appliance. Thanks to the RIS system it is easy and quick to change gimbals and other devices. See our offer here.

Still- and motion cameras

We are the authorized dealer of Flir thermal cameras and Tetracam multispectral cameras. We are offering also standard cameras with 20 MPx resolution and 4K recording. Remote control (zoom etc.) is a matter of course. We help you to choose, we do the connections, train you in data analysis. See our offer here.

Data transfer

Our digital datalink shows at least 3 km range, it uses two frequencies and can transmit in parallel the FullHD picture from several cameras, the telemetry data and command instructions. It can be extended by high-speed internet data streaming, so that it is available worldwide. See our offer here

Flight control

We are delivering the automatic flight planning software in ruggedized tablets and laptops (also as „briefcase“ ground control station), for manual piloting we are offering top-class RC JETI or our own gamepads for easy control in adverse conditions. See our offer here

Safety features

Next to the software measures (various fail-safe function modes) and starter keys we recommend that each unmanned aircraft is equipped with a rescue parachutes. We are offering it in several sizes including spare pyro cartridge. See our offer here.

Power supply

We have developed own heavy-duty, easy on maintenance, large-capacity Li-Ion batteries. We are delivering chargers and power supplies. See our offer here. Batteries (Li-Ion and Li-Po) can be directly purchased in our e-shop

Spare parts

We have in stock spare parts for the most vulnerable unmanned aircraft parts – propellers, engines, regulators and landing gears. Some parts are offered in more versions. See our offer here.

Special parts and pods

On client’s request we can make hanging systems for various sensors or payloads. As an example we have developed a hung megaphone which can be called from a mobile phone. See our offer here.

Transport cases

We supply own transport boxes with firm inner fixation of an unmanned aircraft. They are supplemented by many hitches, wheels; the lid can even convert to a table. For smaller aircraft we deliver padding for regular backpacks. See our offer here.

Software applications

We deliver flight planning software, pilot logbook application and we are preparing more. Our specialists take courses on handling the thermal and multispectral cameras data analysis software, so that they can train our customers. See our offer here.