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We have been active on the young market of unmanned aerial systems since 2013 when we launched the Kingfisher hexacopter. It found employment by and gained confidence of many prestige customers (the Mountain Rescue Service, the National Radiation Protection Institute and others), thanks to whom we constantly keep improving and diversifying our production.

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The "Robodrones"

Our aircraft are characterized by high sturdiness, low operating cost and minimum operation requirements. It features long endurance, high loading capacity and outstanding manoeuvrability. It finds its employment where helicopter or personnel deployment is dangerous, uneconomical or technically impossible.

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Own development and manufacture

The „Robodrones" are born in our design engeneers' workshop. The applications enabling their control are prepared by our programmers. Our test pilots then conduct the flight tests. We engage Czech companies and universities for the preparation of selected parts.

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Collaboration with universities

The Institute of Aerospace Engineering in Brno realizes for us the feasibility studies. We also dedicate ourselves to students completing their internship in our premises. They help us to diversify the offer of applications for unmanned systems employment in a series of domains.

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Opportunity for partners

The Robodrone system utility value is being increased by providing sector-specific products or services. For developing and integration of supplementary solutions we offer to our partners a transparent pricing, advantageous discounts or rebates. We are co-founders of the Unmanned Aerial Industry Alliance.


Service and support

We provide a 24h consulting and authorized service, supply own-developped batteries and spare parts. According to the customer request we can develop/produce various accessories for the selected machine. We offer a wide scale of support services – ranging from pilot training, via methodology creation up to own aerial work.

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Safety features are the matter-of-course for our aircraft – beginning with the starting key, via the safe landing systém up to the recovery parachute. In the first place we pay attention to the prevention, so thanks to an on-line application we are conducting a continuous diagnostics and monitoring of battery lifetime, operating temperatures, rotor loading and of other parameters.


Always legally

No compromise, nor discussions. We conduct the aerial works in the Czech Republic and in other countries always in compliance with the local civil aviation regulations. We expect the same approach from our customers, whom we may support with our services such as the specialized pilot training, preparing of the Operations Manual or the sector specific methodology.